Frequently Asked Questions

How is the easiest way to tell if I am impacted by the Financial System Upgrade?

An easy way to determine what access you have to the Financial System is by signing into the MyPack Portal ( and reviewing the folders and content under Main Menu > Financial Systems. While many efforts have been taken to minimize the impact services such as Travel Authorizations or MarketPlace Orders, these functions will not be available while the Financial System is being upgraded.

What area's are impacted by the Upgrade?

The Financial System at North Carolina State University is founded upon Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Management Application, Version 8.9. Campus and Central Office customers access this system through Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal, called the MyPack Portal. On March 26, 2012, the Financial System will be upgraded from Version 8.9 to Version 9.1.

Scope of Financials 9.1 Upgrade:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Asset Management (new module implementation)
  • Billing
  • MarketPlace (eProcurement)
  • General Ledger
  • PCard
  • Purchasing
  • Workflow Enhancement to accommodate Business Operation Centers
  • Travel Authorizations / Travel Reimbursements
What benefits can campus expect?
  • New capability to attach electronic files as supporting documentation to individual transactions. These improvements will provide electronic documentation and a much more efficient mechanism for sharing information regard the details behind key transactions.
  • Workflow improvements and efficiencies that will assist in the maintenance of routing rules and ability to establish ad-hoc reviewers and approvers. These improvements will integrate email notification and ability to determine where a transaction is within the approval process.
  • Additional certification for web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, desktop products as MicroSoft Excel 2010, and Operating System such as MicroSoft Windows and Apple Mac OS.*
Why are we moving?
The Financial System upgrade is necessary in order to maintain vendor support from Oracle, and will provide several key improvements and efficiency opportunities.
What browsers are supported?
For a list of the product and release version that are certified with Financials 9.1 (PeopleTools 8.51) please see our list of certified browsers.
What is the PeopleSoft Financials 9.1 Upgrade Project?
The Financial System at North Carolina State University is founded upon Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Management Application. When NC State began using the PeopleSoft System, we were using Version 6.0. NC State University has accomplished many application upgrades to the software and are now on Version 8.9 and are in the process of upgrading our system to Version 9.1.
Why is it necessary to upgrade at this time?
Vendor support for the current version of the software expires. NCSU must upgrade to take advantage of PeopleSoft's enhanced features as well as continue to receive support from the vendor for critical regulatory changes and bug fixes.
When will the PeopleSoft Financials 9.1 Upgrade take place?
The Financial System Upgrade will begin promptly on Thursday, March 22nd at 2 PM. At this time the Financial Production and Financial Reporting will be unavailable for campus use. The WolfPack Reporting System will remain available until midnight on March 23. It is expected that the Financial Production, Financial Reporting, and Wolfpack Reporting Systems will be available by 2 PM on Monday, March 26, barring any unforseen complications or problems. The systems will be made avaialble earlier in the day if all upgrade and validation steps are completed earlier than expected.
Will other systems be available during the upgrade?
Yes, all other NCSU systems will remain available during the upgrade.
Will there be any training provided?
Yes, there will be a combination of online training and auditorium style information sessions. Classroom training is available, and enrollment accessed through the eLearning Training Registration and Tracking System found under Employee Self Service in the MyPACK Portal.
How do I sign-up for email notifications, alerts, and announcements?
Please see the following link: Communication Updates
Who do I contact for workflow / approval routing questions?
Please see the following link: Workflow Help (Contacts by Department ID)
I'm having security issues accessing pages and links (possible culprit: Browser Issue)
Internet Explorer, Version 9 may prevent pages and links from functioning as expected. We believe this was related to trusted zone security in the browser. Fixes were applied at the University level on April 4, 2012. If you encounter this issue after April 4th, please contact the NC State University Help Desk at at (919) 515-4357 or refer to the following URL: Note as a temporary workaround, you may want to utilize Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
How do I turn off email notifications for certain transactions entered in the Financial System?
Please see the following link: Email Filter Instructions

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