Communication Updates

In addition to updates provided to known campus stakeholders (Central Office Support Teams, Financial System Steering Team, Business Connections, LEADS group, etc). Targeted portal announcements, online notify messages, and system news (SysNews) postings provide information on improvements, problems, and useful tips and tricks. Please see the following information on how you can view or subscribe to receive these types of notifications:

  • Online Notify (email notification). Select the following link for instructions on signing up to receive "Online Notify" email notifications if there are issues or outages with the Financial and HR Systems: Subscribe to the Online Notify List
  • SysNews (System News). SysNews is used to provide information about information technology systems at NC State, including upcoming system outages, emergencies, and other service outages. Visit the following URL to find out more about SysNews and to subscribe to the SysNews Mailing List:
  • MyPack Portal Announcements and Alerts. The announcement section shows by default on the "FOR FACULTY & STAFF" tab or you can personalize your "MYPACK HOME" page by selecting Personalize Content (top right corner of the MyPack Portal) and checking the box that says Announcements under the For Faculty & Staff section. In addition targeted email "Alerts" have also been utilized to inform all Financial Customers of the upcoming upgrade.

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