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Areas of Interest: Topics:
Accounting Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inter Departmental Transfers, Travel Reimbursements, General Ledger, Chart of Accounts, Capital Assets and Equipment Management, Receipt Centers, Travel Audits, Tax Issues and Trust Fund Policies.
Contracts and Grants Post Award Administration including Cost Sharing, Cost Accounting Standards, Administrative Compliance, The Employee Activity Reporting System (TEARS) and Financial Closeouts.
Foundations Accounting & Investments Various topics unique to University Endowment Fund (housed in Ledger 7) and foundation projects (Ledger 6) including, but not limited to: Other income, endowment budget process, unique reporting features, new fund requests, deposits, gifts to foundations, endowments, general fund budgets, and manual check processing.
Purchasing MarketPlace, Purchasing Best Practices, Purchase Card - user and reconciler, Shipping with MarketPlace, Purchase Requisitions and Maintain PO's, Small Purchase Vouchers, Travel, Financial Reporting - WRS and the Financial system query tool
Related Training MyPack Portal and System Access Requests (SAR)

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