eBILL Information

NC State currently uses an electronic billing system, commonly referred to as eBILL. Each month, currently registered students with outstanding balances on their accounts receive an email notification from e_bill@ncsu.edu that a new statement is available online via MyPACK Portal. You can print a copy of the statement or forward the statement to your parents or a third party.

An eBILL reflects the charges and credits applied to your account as of the date the bill was created. To view the most current student account information (subsequent charges and payments), the student can log into the MyPACK Portal. From the Student Center, select the “My Student Account” link under Finances. (If you are not automatically directed to the Student Center, you can use the following navigation: Main Menu, Student Self Service, Student Center). You may then select the “account history” tab to view balance adjustments.

Students are responsible for checking their email for electronic bill notification and for making payment on time. Students are responsible for maintaining current email and correspondence addresses with Registration and Records. Information changes can be made online via MyPACK Portal or in person at Registration and Records. The UCO cannot update any personal information for a student.

Students are responsible for making sure that the amount owed is paid by the due date whether or not a bill is received. Please note that students are responsible for maintaining a current home/mailing and email address with Registration and Records. To see the current status of your account or review previous bills, you may log into the MyPACK Portal (using your unity ID and password), or call or stop by our office and the Student Accounts staff will assist you in determining the status of your account.