Request for Refund of Credit Balance

Financial Aid refunds resulting from federal loans or grants are automatically refunded after the date of disbursement following federal guidelines. If an overpayment shows on a student's account, and it isn't created by financial aid, the student may request a refund after Census Date for the semester. If a request is not filed, the overpayment will be refunded during the monthly refund process.

Student Account Refund Request Form

By submitting this form, I request the Cashier's Office to review my account and determine if I am eligible for a refund. (If your refund is due to federal financial aid awards, this request is not necessary.)

BEFORE YOU PROCEED: Please note that you must sign up for direct deposit to receive a refund for any credit balance with the exception of financial aid refunds. For instructions on signing up for direct deposit, please see our how-to instructional guide.

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