GI Bill Student Payment Plan

The Cashier’s Office is pleased to announce a new payment plan available to our Veteran and/or their dependent students. This plan will replace the current “Payment Agreement for NC State Tuition and Fees under the GI Bill” and will be effective Fall 2012.

Veteran/Dependent students who have been approved for VA/GI Bill benefits and wish to use a payment plan will now sign up with Tuition Management Systems (TMS).

You may use the traditional 5 payment per term plan:

Fall payment schedule Spring payment schedule
June 01 November 01
July 01 December 01
August 01 January 01
September 01 February 01
October 01 March 01

The cost of this plan is $40 per semester or $55 for an Annual (2 term) plan.
** This plan includes Tuition Protection Life Insurance to cover your payment plan balance.

Or the new GI BILL - 4 month plan designed to coincide with receipt of your stipends and available only to you:

Fall payment schedule Spring payment schedule
September 15 February 15
October 15 March 15
November 15 April 15
December 15 May 15

The cost of this plan is $24 per semester or $33 for a 2 term (annual) plan.
** This plan does not include the Tuition Protection Life Insurance provided by the standard TMS plan.

No payment plans will be available for Summer sessions effective Summer 2013. Payment or approved aid will be required by the billing due date for all summer sessions.

Setting up the plan is easy:

  • After GI Bill students complete their verification of eligibility the VA Office will notify the Cashier’s Office.
  • The Cashier’s Office will email verified students and direct them to a special link that does not appear on the standard TMS site.
  • TMS will notify the Cashier’s Office when a student has applied for the plan and their proposed budget. The Cashier’s Office will verify budgeted amounts and provide approval to TMS.

To calculate your TMS budget, include all charges to be posted to your Student Account (tuition, fees, insurance, housing, dining, orientations), deduct any financial aid awards, Third Party Sponsorships and/or Chapter 33 benefits.

  • Students attending under Chapter 33 need only budget a plan for amounts not covered by their direct pay benefits. (Examples)
  • Any difference in the tuition and fees costs (such as out of state tuition or less than 100% certified)
  • Housing
  • Dining

Please note the following Terms and Conditions for this plan:

  • Students must have the plan in place by the billing due date, with the correct budget and the enrollment fee paid, or they will be subject to cancellation.
  • Prior term charges may not be included in the payment plan. These must be paid directly on the student’s account via MyPack Portal.
  • Students who make payments as agreed will not be subject to interest charges and can be cleared to register for the upcoming term(s).
  • Current term plans and any items not previously included in their budget must be paid in full by the final plan due date or the schedule for the upcoming term is subject to cancellation.
  • Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions may prevent you from using this plan for future semesters.