Tuition and Fees

Distance Education

Beginning in Fall 2012, the method of calculating tuition and fee charges for students who take a combination of on-campus and Distance Education (DE) is changing. Please see the memorandums from Provost Warwick Arden.

Distance Education Tuition and Fees FAQ

Note that for semesters prior to Fall 2012 (including Summer 2012), the tuition and fee charges for Distance Education (DE) courses are separate, and in addition to, the tuition and fees charged for on-campus courses. All DE courses are identified with a 600 section number. Certain DE courses offer or require labs that are not included in the Distance Education rates. Labs that do not have a 600 section number will be charged on-campus rates.

For Distance Education rates please go to: Distance Education Rates

Information about Distance Education course offerings, programs, etc. is available at You may contact Distance Education at (919) 515-9030 or toll free at (866) 467-8283.