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Many students use employment as a way to earn income to help pay for personal expenses. Work can not only provide a source of funding but can also be a great way to develop skills and gain experience, which will serve you well as you begin your career after graduation.

Federal Work-Study (FWS)

If you are awarded FWS as part of your award package, you may review job opportunities on the website for FWS jobs starting on August 12.

These wages are paid directly to you, not to the University Cashier's Office, and therefore cannot be used as a means of deferring your bill to the University.

FWS Exhausted

All available FWS funding has been exhausted for 2013-14, and no additional FWS awards will be made. Please visit ePACK, the Career Development Center's resource for identifying work opportunities.

FWS Employers

If you are an employer wanting to hire a FWS student, please visit our employer page.

Student Employment Opportunities

The Career Development Center also provides information about how to find student jobs.